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Entertainment and services

"Votchina" is the "patrimonial tenure" of Russian Father Frost.В Everything is like in a fairy tale here, even the nature itself is notВ catchy like in the North, but it gives an amazing inspiration. It creates a truly fabulous mood: take a walk along the Fairy Tales Trail, visit the House of Father Frost, the Winter Garden with eternal summer and the Glacier with winter all year round. Children can go through "Russian Father Frost's School of magic", get a certificate of a young wizard and a hat "I am a wizard".

You can find detailed information about the full packages on the website:

Book tours by phone: 8(81738)5-21-32.


"Russian Father Frost's School of magic"

"Russian Father Frost's School of magic"
Every child can become a student of the unique "Russian Father Frost's School of magic". Children will have to go through the initial course of magic training, attend entertaining lessons and learn the main thing - to do good deeds that turn into real miracles. After passing each lesson children receive stamps in the issued record book. If you visit at least 5 lessons, you will receive a "Certificate of the young wizard", if you pass a full course of magic training in the Magic Control Center you will receive an exclusive hat "I'm a wizard".

Read more about the School of magic on the website or by phone 8 (81738) 5-21-32.

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Attractions at Votchina

Attractions at Votchina
All inclusive winter rest is impossible without fresh air, brisk frost, fluffy white snow and, of course, winter fun. You will ride on a Miracle stove, Funny train, husky dogs and reindeer.В In winter, the outside activities include snowmobiles, inflatable sledge.

The cost of attractions "Miracle stove", "Funny train", "Big hill" is 100 rubles. In winter, there is a small hill with snow tube rent. You can rent  a snow tube for 100 rubles per hour at the administrator of the hotel complex "Votchina".
Reindeer and husky dogs riding depends on the weather conditions. The cost of 1 circle is 200-300 rubles. Group applications by phone 8-911-533-64-34.

ForВ extreme fans we provide a route on snowmobiles. Experienced instructors will give you the necessary knowledge to control snowmobiles, and you can safely hit the road. The route starts from the territory Father Frost Votchina, passes through fields, forests, villages and along the Sukhona river. The length of the route is 8 km and 16 km. The cost of 8 km route is 2500 rubles, 16 km is 4000 rubles. Children snowmobiles ride on the territory of Votchina is 300 rubles, adult snowmobiles - 800 rubles.

Order the route and the detailed cost is by phone 8-911-442-88-77.
In the summer, we provide the following attractions: "Miracle stove", "Funny train", trampolines, electric cars.В You can rent roller skates at the administrator of the hotel complex "Votchina", the cost is 100 rubles per hour.

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Post office of Father Frost

Post office of Father Frost

The doors of Father Frost Post office are always open for guests. Everyone has the opportunity to send holiday cards and letters with a special stamp and seal to friends and relatives, and also buy Souvenirs. Father Frost's assistants will be happy to tell you about their work, conduct interesting excursions and interactive programs.

Book greeting and gift on the website,  tours by phone 8-81738-230-55 

Working hours of the Post office: Mon-Sun: from 09-00 to 17-00.
Post office of Father Frost is located in Veliky Ustyug at the Oktyabrsky per., 1A.
Working hours:В Mon-Fri: 09-00 to 18-00
Sat-Sun:10-00 to 18-00

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Russian baths

Order by phone 8-981-502-57-81 round-the-clock.

The first two hours - 4000 rubles.
Every next hour is 500 rubles.

Russian baths with wood are designed for 8 people. Fresh air, cozy atmosphere contribute to a wonderful holiday with a good company. The baths are good for a family holiday. Lounge area with a large table and seats, which is necessary for relaxing and gathering with friends, is at your service here. A spacious steam room designed for 4 adults who can bathe at the same time. There is also a washing room with hot and cold water.

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Sauna with swimming pool

Order by phone 8-981-502-57-81 round-the-clock.

The first hours - 2500 rubles.
Every next hour is 500 rubles.

Activity room is 300 rubles per hourThere is a sauna on the territory of Votchina. At your service: steam room, swimming pool, lounge room with a fireplace, karaoke.

At extra cost:

  • activity room - billiards, tennis, chess, checkers;
  • cuisine menu of the "Snowflake" restaurant;
  • grill, coal, firing.

The Zoo of Father Frost

The zoo in Father Frost's Votchina differs from the usual Russian zoos, because instead of small cells there are large enclosures and wooden fences with a real forest around it.
There are about 300 rare animals and birds living in modern enclosures among pine forests.

Details are on the website
Book tours by phone 8 (81738) 5-21-55, cash Desk: (81738) 5-21-55.



The glacier of Father Frost

There is a unique place at Votchina, where Father Frost gains his magical powers, it is called the Glacier of Father Frost. It is cold out there at any time of the year, constant temperature is 11 C. You can take a beautiful photo or selfie in this unique place.

The price is 100 rubles, for children from 3 to 6 years is 50 rubles.

The house of Father Frost

You can book tours at Father Frost's votchina by phone

8 (81738) 5-21-32 or on the website

Majestic two-storey wooden palace,Вbuilt in the spirit of national traditions, decorated with carvings is a hospitable house of Russian Father Frost. Each of 12 rooms has unique decoration, none of them looks like the other, but all of them are designed for Father Frost, his assistants and numerous guests.

Tours to Velikiy Ustyug

Veliky Ustyug is the birthplace of Russian Father Frost

Veliky Ustyug is a unique open-air museum. Its main architectural ensembles were formed from the second half of the 17th to the first half of the 18th centuries. The traditional tourist spots of Velikiy Ustyug are numerous monuments of architecture, and the exhibitions of theВ reserve museum. The panorama of the town with merchant mansions and white-stone churches, sparkling golden onion domes will touch your feelings.  In winter, covered with snow, they seem to come out of a fairy tale!
Veliky Ustyug is a town of fairy tales, a town of great explorers and craftsmen. This magical town mesmerize its many guests.
The history of the town dates back to the 12th century, the first chronicle of 1147, when the land of the Finno-Ugric tribes in the Yug river basin and in the lower reaches of the Sukhona river was conquered by colonists from the Rostov-Suzdal land. They founded 2 fortress: Gleden is located on a high cape at the junction of the Yug with the Sukhona and Ustyug, in a bend of the left bank of the Sukhona, near the mouth of the Yug (hence Ustyug - the mouth of the Yug river). The town of Gleden was finally destroyed by Viatichi in 1438. Ustyug was destined for a different fate.
This glorious town has gone through many trials.
For a long time Ustyug was under command of the Muscovite princes. Since the end of the 16th century Ustyug officially became known as Velikiy Ustyug.

Book tours on the website or by phone 8-81738-2-35-76.

This small town surprises tourists with a plenty of ancient buildings. Especially by its brilliant domes of churches shimmering in the sunlight. Veliky Ustyug is famous for its various craftsmen, and especially blackening on silver.В "The Northern blackening" plant is one of the largest in the town. Book tours and visit the store on the website or by phone 8 -921- 125 -03 -70

Velikiy Ustyug region is also a picturesque natural landscapes.В There are 15 natural monuments and 7 protected naturalВ reserve sites on the territory of Velikiy Ustyug region.

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WInter garden

In the winter garden of Father Frost you will plunge into the world of exotic plants and various flowers. Winter garden is a favorite tourist spot, especially in winter: you will find yourself in an atmosphere of warmth and long-awaited summer here.

The price is 100 rubles, for children from 3 to 6 years is 50 rubles.



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