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in Velikiy Ustyug
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Contacts and transit

Booking Department 8-981-502-57-81
The Manager on duty 8 (81738) 5-21-10
Receiving calls: Mon-Sun round-the-clock

Address: Russia,162390, Vologda region, Veliky Ustyug district, s/p Mardengskoe, Father Frost's Votchina

How to visit us

TO FATHER FROST VOTCHINA BY PLANE. Detailed information about the flights and schedule of the "Severstal"В airlines is on the website
TO FATHER FROST VOTCHINA BY CAR. В You can come to Velikiy Ustyug by car.
COORDINATES:В Veliky Ustyug district, Vologda region, Russia. Latitude 60В°44?52?N (60.747766) / Longitude 46В°10?57?E (46.18247) 

FROM MOSCOW, the route through Yaroslavl and Vologda on the highway M8 (Moscow - Arkhangelsk).

After Vologda you need to turn to Totma (road R-7) and continue the route to Velikiy Ustyug. The road R-7 starts near the settlement of Chekshino. Next, move to the east. After 139 km, when you reach Totma, road R-7 intersects with Sukhonsky tract (Totma-Nyuksenitsa-Velikiy Ustyug), which leads to Velikiy Ustyug. The distance from Nyuksenitsa to Velikiy Ustyug is 150 km . 

FROM ST. PETERSBURG to Veliky Ustyug - through Vologda and Tikhvin.

FROM NIZHNY NOVGOROD the route starts from R-159 road Nizhny Novgorod – Yaransk to Uren'. Next, the road R-157 Uren-Kotlas leads to Velikiy Ustyug.
There are daily direct buses from Vologda and Cherepovets to Veliky Ustyug (travel time is about 10-12 hours), there are also several TAXI services in the direction of Veliky Ustyug – Vologda-Cherepovets and back (travel time is about 6-8 hours). For information about the rates and schedules of the taxi, please call directly the taxi services (contacts can be found on the Internet, on information sites about Velikiy Ustyug).

Attention!В The last gas station is located at the lapel Nyuksenitsa-Velikiy Ustyug. The distance Nyuksenitsa-Great Ustyug is 150 km. There are five gas stations in Velikiy Ustyug. The distance from Velikiy Ustyug to Moscow is about 1,000 kilometers, to St. Petersburg is 1100 km.

TO FATHER FROST VOTCHINA BY TRAIN.В If you decide to come to Veliky Ustyug by train, it will take youВ about one day from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Departure from Moscow (Yaroslavsky railway station) and St. Petersburg (Ladoga railway station) by train to Kotlas Yuzhny, Kotlas Uzlovaya or Yadriha stations (direction to Vorkuta, Syktyvkar or Kotlas). You can take a taxi from stations Kotlas Yuzhniy and Yadriha to Father Frost Votchina. You can order a taxi at the administrator of our hotel complex (the administrator phone is 89815025781) or by bus (usually the bus waits tourists from Moscow and St. Petersburg trains) to the bus station in Veliky Ustyug, and from the bus station to Father Frost Votchina only by a taxi.

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LLC "Hotel complex"
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